Floral Panel Tutorial

In this 13 page lampwork tutorial we will be creating the cover bead, “Enchanted Hydrangea”. This comprehensive tutorial explains the "Encased Floral Panel" design in thorough detail. Before moving on to the more complex focal tutorials, I highly suggest trying this one first.

Due to the complexity of the design, it may be a bit difficult for the novice bead maker. Proper execution of this design will be better achieved if you already have a bit of experience in the following areas:

· Pulling stringer
· Making a round bead
· Encasing
· Using silver foil
· Making goldstone stringer
· Creating surface or encased florals
The exercise in this tutorial uses 104 COE glass.

This file is a PDF. You may need to install or upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the file to open. The software is free, just follow the link to their website and click the "Download Now" button.

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