Painted Rose Tutorial

The Painted Rose Bead Tutorial

In this 17 page lampwork tutorial be creating the cover bead, called “The Painted Rose”. This is an advanced lampwork tutorial. Please read the preview prior to purchase. It lists all necessary skill requirements and required glasses.

  The exercises in this tutorial uses 104 COE glass, however, it can also be made using Gaffer Color (96 COE). Please see below for Gaffer color suggestions. . .

This file is a PDF. You may need to install or upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the file to open. The software is free, just follow the link to their website and click the "Download Now" button.

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The beads below were made using Gaffer Color. Should you like to give Gaffer a try, please see the following conversion chart.


104 COE Glass

96 COE Glass (Gaffer)
Copper Green Celedon
Transparent Pale Aqua Light Aquamarine
Transparent Sage Light Jade Green
Pastel Light Pink Pale Rose
Pastel Dark Pink Gold Pink Extra
Rubino Oro Gold Ruby
Raku Chalcedony
Pastel White Primrose