Vessels Tutorial
This instructional contains a total of four step by step tutorials :
Purple Rose Goddess Vessel—This is the first of four tutorials in this ebook. It’s the most simple, therefore the best place to start if you’ve had little or no experience with blowing glass.
Moderate skill level suggested.
Torch time: Approximately 1 hour
Roman Bath House Vessel—This is the second tutorial, quite a bit more complex as you learn to apply layers of glass lenses and surface detail to a blown object.
Advanced skill level suggested.
Torch time: Approximately 2.5 hours
Purple Rose Perfume Bottle—This is the third tutorial, most complex for it’s intricate encased bottle top, featuring the recipe and application process for my favorite purple roses.
Advanced skill level suggested.
Torch time: Approximately 3 hours.
Bonus Section: Steel Wool Core Vessel -   How to make a vessel using steel wool as a core. Admit-tedly, not a friendly process but fantastic if you find yourself struggling to actually blow glass.As for tools, you’ll not need much in addition to what you’re already using for standard bead making, just a few hollow mandrels, steel calipers or ruler, and a blow tube. I use tubing to blow vessels, but it’s optional for these exercises.
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