November 1, 2013 @ 2:35 PM


My "custom" orders in the past have not truly been "custom" orders at all. Rather they were reproductions of something I've made before. Usually, I don't do commissioned work based on purpose or idea because I always worry that the vision in my head might look vastly different from the vision in my customer's head. This request was different though, and it's special purpose helped to ease my anxiety a great deal. 

The commission was by a facebook friend, looking to have a small vessel made to hold a mixture of cremains from her father, mother, brother and three pet canines. She left much of the design idea to me, but wanted to somehow include a symbolic expression for each lost loved ...

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October 18, 2013 @ 11:25 AM

For a bead artist or jewelry designer, a featured article in Bead and Button Magazine can certainly feel like a milestone in one's artistic career. You can only imagine the honor I felt when approached by Bead and Button Magazine to design, create and produce their 20th Anniversary Commemorative Bead

The bead chosen by Bead and Button was an earthy organic bead, Tuscany was the design inspiration. When I use the term "organic", what I'm referring to is a design with a high concentration of metals, most of which for this bead is precious. The base for this bead is made of a pale transparent amber over a base of opaque white. Before it's pressed in the brass mold, it's rolled in heavy fine silver leaf, most ...

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