November 1, 2013 @ 2:35 PM


My "custom" orders in the past have not truly been "custom" orders at all. Rather they were reproductions of something I've made before. Usually, I don't do commissioned work based on purpose or idea because I always worry that the vision in my head might look vastly different from the vision in my customer's head. This request was different though, and it's special purpose helped to ease my anxiety a great deal. 

The commission was by a facebook friend, looking to have a small vessel made to hold a mixture of cremains from her father, mother, brother and three pet canines. She left much of the design idea to me, but wanted to somehow include a symbolic expression for each lost loved one, based on the things that they loved in life. . .Her father loved sailing, her mother loved owls, her brother was quite passionate about blueberries. She also wanted three paw prints included for her dogs. Because her dad loved the water so much, I thought an abstract lighthouse bottle would be nice. She did as well, but how in the heck would I put all of these other important elements onto this bottle and it still look pleasing to the eye? 

For some reason, I started thinking about making the bottle rim with loops to hang charms on. . .I started looking around online for charms that would work when the solution smacked across the back of my hard head. Why not just make them from glass? So I did and the pics show what I came up with. 

Thank you Renee Sue, for such a special commission and a truly special creative challenge.  :)